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Zoumas was an alien trader who originated from a humanoid species that possessed several growths along their pale skin.

In 2152, Zoumas was arrested near Keto-Enol, and was meant to be taken to Canamar, but the Enolian transport experienced difficulty on the way.

On one occasion, his colleagues left him alone in a forest on Burala Prime, and he lost several toes to frostbite, and had walked with a slight limp after that.

While aboard the Enolian transport, he enjoyed telling Trip Tucker his stories, ranging from Fluvian fungus, to the tastes of Melvaran mud fleas and Cardassian tojal, to his encounter with an Orion slave girl. Zoumas also had a knowlage of the other aliens on the Transport. He helped break up a fight between Trip and a Nausicaan and he warned Archer about Kuroda Lor-ehn. (ENT: "Canamar")

Zoumas was played by Sean Whalen.
In the final draft script of "Canamar", Zoumas was described as "a thin, nervous alien". During a scene in which Jonathan Archer is informed he is about to be released, Zoumas was scripted to be sleeping "fitfully". However, he is clearly awake in the final version of that scene. Similarly, an unscripted line had Zoumas, speaking to Tucker, react to a Nausicaan prisoner who had sarcastically apologized to Tucker, Zoumas stating, "That was nice. It reminds me of the time I was on..." before Tucker shuts him up, which was also unscripted.

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