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Zobral was the leader of the rebellion against the oppressive ruling Torothan clan on the Torothan homeworld. Having exhausted all peaceful avenues trying to reform the government, he had turned to terrorism.

An admirer of the Suliban race, he had heard tales of Captain Jonathan Archer's rescue of the Tandaran interns, although grossly exaggerated, and determined to recruit this great warrior to his cause. Causing a propulsion failure in his small ship, he broadcast a distress signal to get aid from Enterprise.

After Charles Tucker had repaired the vessel, Zobral invited him and Archer to dine and participate in a local sports tournament. Zobral's guests were reluctant to get involved in his revolt, however, and fled into the desert when the government forces began to bombard his rebel complex. Zobral escaped the attack and contacted Enterprise for help in rescuing Archer and Tucker. (ENT: "Desert Crossing")

Zobral was played by actor Clancy Brown.

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