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Zobral, leader of a clan of rebels

Zobral's clan were a group of dissidents led by Zobral who revolted against the Torothans, their planet's ruling clan, whom they saw as ruthless and prejudiced. Having exhausted all legal attempts at reform, Zobral group of dissidents turned to violent means to bring about change and were thus labeled as terrorists.

Zobral and his clan were physically identical to the Torothans as they were presumably of the same species. Howver, under the abandoned caste system people Zobral had been forced to wear an article of clothing known as a yrott when in public.

The NX-01 Enterprise encountered Zobral's people in 2151. Zobral had actually sought the aid of the ship's captain, Jonathan Archer, having heard of Archer's recent fight to free a group of Suliban from a Tandaran concentration camp and thus believing that Archer would be sympathetic to their cause. Archer and his chief engineer, Trip Tucker, were invited to Zobral's planet for a meal and a game of Geskana at the rebel leader's encampment, unaware of the conflict being waged between Zobral and the Torothans. Before Archer made the decision whether or not to help Zobral, however, he and Tucker were left stranded on the desert planet following a Torothan attack on the encampment. Although Zobral ultimately assisted Enterprise in rescuing the two Starfleet officers, Archer opted not to get involved in the conflict, although the captain did feel Zobral's cause was worth fighting for. (ENT: "Desert Crossing")

It is unknown if the Torothans shared similar taste in food.

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