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Zjod was a dealer in sex slaves who owned a shop in a floating bazaar on the Xanthan homeworld.

In September of 2153, some Xindi-Reptilians purchased his last two U'tani serpent women. They left with Zjod a slave named Rajiin, setting up events so that when Enterprise NX-01 arrived a few days later, Rajiin escaped with the Enterprise crew. Her assignment was to gather biometric scans of Humans on the Enterprise. With this new information, the Xindi could construct a deadly bioweapon.

Zjod was able to draw Jonathan Archer to his shop by letting it be known that Xindi had visited him. When Archer arrived, Zjod staged an escape of Rajiin, going as far to put up a brief fight with Archer.

Zjod's choice of slave women also included a Nuvian concubine. (ENT: "Rajiin")

Zjod was played by actor Steve Larson.
In the final draft script of "Rajiin", Zjod was described as "a burly, oily alien trader".

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