Zima was an individual referenced in the Children of Tama language metaphorical phrases, "Bakor at Anzo." and "Bakor and Zima at Anzo."

In 2368, after a failed greeting with the Federation starship USS Enterprise-D, Captain Dathon spoke of Darmok. This hunter allied with Jalad when they fought the beast of Tanagra. This mutual pairing brought the two individuals closer together. Dathon's first officer responded to this by saying, "Bakor at Anzo. Bakor and Zima at Anzo." The captain remained firm in his conviction that success in communication with the Federation would be best achieved by following Darmok's lead, and rejected the first officer's suggestion. (TNG: "Darmok")

According to the script, Zima was pronounced as "ZEE-mah".

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