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Zeta Gelis Cluster, remastered

The USS Enterprise-D in orbit of a planet in the Zeta Gelis Cluster

The Zeta Gelis Star Cluster was a star cluster. This cluster was in a sector that was adjacent to Sector 9569. The planet Zalkon was located 2.3 parsecs from this cluster in Sector 9569.

In 2366, the USS Enterprise-D was conducting a routine survey of an uninhabited star system in the Zeta Gelis Cluster when they discovered an amnesic Zalkonian, who they called "John Doe" in the remains of an escape pod on a remote planet. (TNG: "Transfigurations")

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts, on the chart "United Federation of Planets II", the Zeta Gelis Cluster was located in the Beta Quadrant.

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