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Zero One

Zero One

Zero One was one of the four Bynars who stole the USS Enterprise-D from Starbase 74 in 2364 while carrying out a computer upgrade. Zero One's partner was One Zero. Her species and planet were dependent on computers. The main computer on the planet had been damaged, and she, along with a group of three other Bynars, decided to hijack the Enterprise to use its computer to replace the damaged one on their planet. The life support on the planet was failing and the Bynars were dying.

While tuning up the Enterprise, she and three other Bynars sent out a false signal that the Enterprise's magnetic containment field that held the antimatter was failing. At the same time, William T. Riker and Jean-Luc Picard were kept busy on the holodeck by a mysterious hologram named Minuet. When the ship was launched from Starbase 74 in order to avoid destruction of any inhabited area, Zero One took the ship to her planet.

After Picard and Riker discovered the plot, they threatened to self-destruct the ship. However, when they made it to the bridge Zero One and the other Bynars were passed out. Fortunately, they programed Minuet to tell all about the Bynars' plight. The two men were able to use the modified ship's computer to regenerate the planet's, saving the Bynar race.

Zero One faced a hearing when the Enterprise-D was returned to Starbase 74, along with the three other Bynars involved. (TNG: "11001001")

Zero One was played by Katy Boyer.

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