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Sunad, a Zalkonian male

John Doe evolve

An almost evolved Zalkonian

Zalkonian energy being

Post-evolution energy being

The Zalkonians were an advanced humanoid species native to the planet Zalkon.

By 2366, many Zalkonians began to undergo the process of evolving into powerful non-corporeal lifeforms. They began experiencing isoelectric bursts as part of this process. The Zalkonian people were frightened by those undergoing the change and their government began exterminating anyone showing symptoms. Some of those affected fled their homeworld but were ruthlessly pursued by the Zalkonian military, including Sunad.

In 2366, the USS Enterprise-D discovered a crashed Zalkonian escape pod, and rescued one survivor that had suffered critical injuries. According to Dr. Beverly Crusher, the survivor suffered major trauma to his head and chest cavity, massive plasma loss, and severe damage to most of his organs. Dr. Crusher claimed that the survivor's body had amazing recuperative powers and that the damaged tissue had been repairing itself at a phenomenal rate. This survivor exhibited almost complete memory loss and was named "John Doe" by her. "John" began to undergo the symptoms of a mutation while on board. This mutation often caused John pain and manifested as a yellow glowing energy in his chest. It also had its benefits. Miles O'Brien dislocated his shoulder and after coming into sickbay, "John" healed him with a single touch, much to his amazement. A similar contact with Geordi La Forge resulted in increased confidence on La Forge's part.

Later, the Enterprise-D was intercepted by a ship commanded by Sunad. Sunad demanded "John"'s return, but Captain Jean-Luc Picard refused to turn "John" over without an explanation as to the nature of his crimes. Sunad attacked the Enterprise-D, but "John" stopped the attack. Now that Sunad posed no danger to him, "John" finished his transformation and returned to his homeworld to help those undergoing the change do so in safety. (TNG: "Transfigurations")

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