Yosts ship fires

Yost's ship opens fire

Yost's ship was a starship assigned to Renovation Team Nova under the command of Supervisor Yost in the late 24th century in the Delta Quadrant.

Several decks thick, the ship was equipped with energy weapons that fired a green beam from near the tip of the port and starboard arms. The ships themselves were green tinted, and illuminated in several locations a dark blue.

Yost's government was growing weary of a subspace sinkhole in the vicinity that would swallow their ships, trapping their crews with no way to escape. So they sent Renovation Team Nova in 2375 to destroy the sinkhole. When the ship got there, USS Voyager was trying to rescue some of their crewman also trapped in the sinkhole. After giving Voyager some time to attempt a rescue, Yost and his ship decided to go ahead with destroying the sinkhole. (VOY: "Gravity")

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