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The following is a list of Yorktown personnel.

Named Edit

Unnamed Edit

Control tower technicians Edit

(Star Trek Beyond)

Doctor Edit

Yorktown doctor

A Starfleet doctor

This sciences division doctor was one of the physicians at Yorktown who treated Kalandra upon her arrival at the starbase. He left the room when Kirk joined the team. (Star Trek Beyond)

This doctor was played by Italian soccer coach Carlo Ancelotti who received no credit for this cameo part.

Green-skinned boy Edit

Green boy

A little boy

This boy was watching the USS Enterprise enter Yorktown in 2263. (Star Trek Beyond)

This alien boy was played by Oqwe Lin, director Justin Lin's son.
According to Lin, his son chose his own appearance based on Yoda from Star Wars. [1]

Official Edit

Yorktown official

A Starfleet official

This alien Starfleet official was stationed at Yorktown. In 2263, he worked on the translation of Kalara's language when she appeared at the starbase. (Star Trek Beyond)

This alien Starfleet official was played by Jeff Bezos in a cameo role. In the words of Star Trek Beyond Director Justin Lin, Bezos "dropped in" to play the role. [2] He greatly enjoyed the experience, although the extensive make-up he wore for the part required him to drink through a straw. [3] [4]

Red shirt Edit

(Star Trek Beyond)

This red shirt was portrayed by Luka Hays.

Scotty and Keenser's friend Edit

Kirk's birthday party guest 01

A friend of Scotty and Keenser

This woman enjoyed drinks with Montgomery Scott and Keenser during James T. Kirk's birthday party in 2263. (Star Trek Beyond)

Sulu and Ben's daughter Edit

Ben and daughter

Ben with his daughter

This young girl was the daughter of Hikaru Sulu and his husband Ben. Sulu kept a photograph of her on the helm console aboard the Enterprise.

In 2263, she was living on Yorktown with Ben, and met Sulu at the spacedock when the Enterprise arrived for resupply. She survived Krall's attack on Yorktown. (Star Trek Beyond)

Sulu's daughter photo

The photo

Sulu and Ben's daughter was played by an unknown actress.
It is possible this girl was meant to be the alternate reality counterpart to Demora Sulu, but John Cho did not think she was, and did not remember if the character had been given a name on set. [5] In an Entertainment Tonight interview with John Cho, Cho claimed that the photo seen on his console was taken out of a picture frame from Walgreens. [6]

Vulcans Edit

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