Yominum sulfide structure

A projection of the molecular structure of yominum sulfide

Yominum sulfide was a substance supposedly occuring in crystals with the the molecular formula of K4Ym3(SO73Es2).

When Spock was performing a memory test, one of the questions asked him what the molecular formula for yominum sulfide crystals was. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia, yominium [sic] was "invented" by Kirk Thatcher, who named it after Leonard Nimoy – "Yomin" is "Nimoy" spelled backwards.

The formula is inconsistent with those of known sulfides.

The editors of the Star Trek Encyclopedia acknowledged this inconsistency. This implies that the test question was a trick question, as for all Spock knew or was willing to acknowledge, "yominium" probably did not actually exist.

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