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Star Trek: Year Four - The Enterprise Experiment

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Star Trek Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment is a five-issue comic mini-series featuring the cast of Star Trek: The Original Series, the second of IDW's "Second Stage" releases. Written by D.C. Fontana and Derek Chester, and with artwork by Gordon Purcell and Terry Pallot, the mini-series is a sequel to "The Enterprise Incident", and tells the story of the Federation's experiments with the cloaking device captured from the Romulans.

A trade paperback was released 29 November 2008.



  1. "Enterprise Experiment, Part 1"
  2. "Enterprise Experiment, Part 2"
  3. "Enterprise Experiment, Part 3"
  4. "Enterprise Experiment, Part 4"
  5. "Enterprise Experiment, Part 5"

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