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Xindi shuttle exterior

The exterior of a Xindi shuttle

Xindi-Avian fortress

The Xindi shuttle reaching the Council planet, extending its landing platforms

Xindi shuttle cockpit

The cockpit of the Xindi shuttle

The Xindi shuttle was a small shuttlecraft used by the Xindi-Primates during the mid-22nd century. The vessel had a cockpit, and three adjustable landing legs that were positioned in a triangular layout, with two smaller struts at the rear, and the third extension being longer and positioned slightly forward of the others.

In 2154, the Xindi Council member Degra as well as Captain Jonathan Archer and Ensign Hoshi Sato used a shuttle of this type to travel from Degra's ship to the location of the Xindi Council. (ENT: "The Council")

The design of the Xindi shuttle was inspired by sparrows that production illustrator John Eaves noticed while he was having lunch outside a fast food diner. "Looking at these little fellas as they ate my fries gave me a quick new idea," he recalled. "I raced back to the office and threw a few sketches together, and by the end of the day had a new ship to check off the list." Eaves illustrated three conceptual passes of the shuttle's design, the last of which was the most successful. He then drew a final sketch of the craft, which he proceeded to colorize. [1]

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