A Xindi identification tattoo was a form of faux prison marking. It could be found on the right forearm of a prisoner who had apparently been held at a Xindi-Insectoid prison colony.

For a simulation in 2153, tattoos of this nature were designed. Jonathan Archer and Degra both had one. They were used in an effort to fool Degra into believing he and Archer had escaped from a Xindi-Insectoid prison colony. As such, Degra's tattoo was actually painted onto his right forearm by Doctor Phlox. Shortly after he completed applying the design, Archer remarked that it was "nice work." (ENT: "Stratagem")

The term "Xindi identification tattoo" comes from the final draft script of "Stratagem", as does the notion that Degra's tattoo was "painted" onto his right forearm.

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