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Xindi-Arboreal colony

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Xindi-Arboreal colony
Xindi-Arboreal colony planet.jpg

The Arboreal colony and its moon

Class: M
Type: Planet
Satellites: One moon
Affiliation: Xindi
Kemocite facility.jpg

The Kemocite processing facility

The Xindi-Arboreal colony was a Class M planet located in the Delphic Expanse, home to a Xindi kemocite refining facility. It had one moon. The Xindi-Arboreal colony was near Tarquin's planet.

The colony was very peaceful: it had no defensive systems, no active sensors, no artificial satellites, and no orbiting starships. Native species included the tree scarabs, which were often hunted by the Arboreals that settled the planet. It also has several deposits of topaline ore.

Xindi-Arboreal colony schematic

A scan of the planet

The colony had about a hundred residents, and eighty of them work at the kemocite refining facility. This facility, whose primary technician was Gralik Durr, used positrons and antiproton bursts to refine kemocite into a pure form for sale. The colony just did not sell to the Xindi, but many other races as well. It did not sell to weapons manufacturers, however.

In early 2153, the colony began supplying kemocite to Xindi Council member Degra for "research." This kemocite was the most pure ever ordered, with impurities at less than six parts per million. In October of that year, Captain Jonathan Archer of the Earth ship Enterprise came to the planet on a tip from Tarquin while searching for the Xindi superweapon. He informed Gralik that his facility's kemocite was to be used in the weapon being built to destroy Earth. Gralik assisted Archer in sabotaging the last kemocite shipment to Degra, as he did not want his product to be used for violence. (ENT: "The Shipment") identified this planet as "Gralik's planet". [1]

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