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Wrigley's Pleasure Planet

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Nancy Darnell

The woman Darnell met on Wrigley's planet

Wrigley's Pleasure Planet was an inhabited planet.

This planet was frequented by Starfleet personnel in the mid-23rd century. Prior to stardate 1513, Crewman Darnell encountered a girl on this planet. While on M-113, this crewman compared Nancy Crater to this girl, before being rebuked by Doctor McCoy. Neither realized "Nancy" was the M-113 creature in disguise; they were each seeing separate illusions of a woman's appearance. (TOS: "The Man Trap")

Presumably, Wrigley's Pleasure Planet was located in the Alpha Quadrant.
Wrigley's Pleasure Planet was considered as a location for shore leave in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Two Days and Two Nights", though it was decided that it sounded too Human and too well-known for what was supposed to be a relatively distant region, so it was replaced in the story with Risa. (Star Trek: Communicator issue 143, p. 31)

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