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Kohm tool

Kohm wrench

A wrench was a tool used to increase torque and turn bolts, nuts, or other hard-to-turn items.

Wrenches were used by the inhabitants of Earth Two. In 2267, Jahn's friend used a wrench to bludgeon Captain Kirk. (TOS: "Miri")

Engineers aboard the USS Enterprise used wrenches in the late 23rd century. Benjamin Finney used a wrench found in the Enterprise engineering room as a weapon against Kirk. (TOS: "Court Martial")

In 2373, Crewman Amaro joked with Pechetti and Boq'ta – both engineers aboard Deep Space 9 – that he and Stolzoff would guard them while they "play[ed] with their wrenches." (DS9: "Empok Nor")

In 2268, when held captive on the surface of the planet Omega IV, Spock used a Kohm wrench-like tool in an attempt to repair a transmitter so they could be beamed up to the USS Enterprise. (TOS: "The Omega Glory")

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