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Woden sector

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Ikalian asteroid belt

A map of space surrounding the Woden sector

The Woden sector was a region of space. This sector was located adjacent to Sector 21947. This sector was located in the region between Sectors 21166 and 22079.

The Talarian warship Q'Maire was located in the Woden sector when a Talarian observation craft in sector 21947 had sent out a distress call during 2367. They responded to the distress call, however, it took them hours to arrive at sector 21947 at maximum warp. (TNG: "Suddenly Human", "The Mind's Eye")

According to the script, the pronunciation for Woden was "WOH-den".[1]
According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia, the Woden Sector was named after the ship of the same name from "The Ultimate Computer".

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