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Withdrawal was a medical condition resulting from lack of access to an addictive narcotic substance.

In 2154, T'Pol experienced withdrawal while trying to break her addiction to trellium-d. (ENT: "Damage", "The Forgotten")

Symptoms of felicium withdrawal were sufficiently onerous to be mistaken for the disease it was supposed to cure. (TNG: "Symbiosis")

In 2371, Doctor Julian Bashir diagnosed a Jem'Hadar youth with withdrawal from Ketracel-white after he came into the infirmary complaining of a headache, chest pain and nausea. (DS9: "The Abandoned")

In 2372, Bashir tried to cure some addicted Jem'Hadar. (DS9: "Hippocratic Oath") Two years later, he defended his actions to Luther Sloan, saying, "I'm a doctor. They were suffering from withdrawal." (DS9: "Inquisition")

Also in 2374, Keevan surmised that a Starfleet engineer would have more success at fixing a communications system than a Jem'Hadar suffering from withdrawal. (DS9: "Rocks and Shoals")

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