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Hawk, Tattoo

The wings of an hawk

Akaali gargoyle

An Akaali statue missing one wing

A wing was a part of an avian lifeform. Wings were also frequently used in art.

When Captain Jonathan Archer and Trip Tucker entered a curio shop on the Akaali homeworld in 2151, the shopkeeper Garos was glueing a broken wing onto a creature statue. (ENT: "Civilization")

Wings were part of statues and sculptures on different planets such as Angel I, Aldea, and Earth. (TNG: "Angel One", "When The Bough Breaks", "We'll Always Have Paris")

Arctus Baran also owned a winged statue aboard his ship. (TNG: "Gambit, Part II")

When Counselor Deanna Troi visited the clay school class, Eric Burton asked her if she thinks the wings on his statue were too big. She told him that birds have different sized wings and it looks fine. (TNG: "Masks")

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