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Wilson Wang is an athlete and actor who worked as stand-in for John Cho on J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness.

Wang previously worked as stand-in for Cho on the Go On pilot episode in 2012 where he worked with Bill Cobbs, Horace Knight, Jr., and Peewee Piemonte. He also stood-in for James Hiroyuki Liao on the television drama Applebaum (2012, with Miguel Ferrer, Bevin Kaye, and Jack Guzman) and for Chester Tam on the comedy Get a Job (2016, with Bruce Davison, Megan Gallagher, and John Cho).

In 2011, Wang worked as production assistant on J.J. Abrams' science fiction thriller Super 8 and two years later as model on the fantasy film Oz the Great and Powerful (2013).

Wang attended Sierra Vista High School in Baldwin Park, California and the University of Southern California where he ran on the track and field team. His abilities as an athlete earned him supporting roles in episodes of Big Time Rush and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders as well as on the Disney comedy Prom (2011, with Amy Pietz).

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