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For the mirror universe counterpart, please see Wilson (mirror).

Wilson was a Starfleet transporter technician serving aboard the USS Enterprise in 2266.

In that year, Wilson was on duty with Scotty when geological technician Fisher beamed up from the surface of Alfa 177, at which point a magnetic ore in which Fisher was covered caused a transporter malfunction. Before beaming Captain Kirk up from the surface, Scotty ordered Wilson to retrieve a synchronic meter, with which to assess the damage to the transporter.

Unknown to anyone at the time, the malfunction created a duplicate of Captain Kirk, possessed of all of his dark tendencies and animal instincts. This led Kirk to make an announcement as to the existence of an impostor aboard ship, and institute a ship-wide search. Wilson was fooled by this double, however, who attacked Wilson and disarmed him, taking Wilson's hand phaser. (TOS: "The Enemy Within")

Wilson was portrayed by Garland Thompson, who later portrayed "Crewman #2" in "Charlie X".

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