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William Devital provided Stunt Safety for the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Terra Nova" along with fellow stuntman Mark Ginther.

Prior to his emigration to the United States, Devital worked as stunt coordinator on over 100 films and television projects in Israel and the former Sovet Union. He is holding a Theatrical Degree from the Moscow University and is part of the stunt rigging company Leavittation, Inc. which provided their service for several episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise and is headed by Lane Leavitt.

Devital performed stunts in the horror sequel Jeepers Creepers II (2003, with stunts performers Elle Alexander, Chris Blackwood, Bobby Burns, Mark Chadwick, Kiante Elam, Ousaun Elam, Jeremy Fitzgerald, Charles Grisham, Oliver Keller, Angela Meryl, Austin Priester, and Clark Tucker), the science fiction thriller Six: The Mark Unleashed (2004, with Monte Rex Perlin and Monty Cox), and the drama Land of Plenty (2004, with Yuri Elvin and Kofi Yiadom).

He had featured stunts parts in episodes of E-Ring (2006, along Anthony Molinari) and My Own Worst Enemy (2008, starring Christian Slater and with Dennis Keiffer and stunt coordinator Ian Quinn) and worked as stunt rigger on the action drama Lords of the Underworld (2007, with Fernando Chien, Derek Graf, Lane Leavitt, and Douglas Tait) and the mystery film Circle of Eight (2009, with J. Mark Donaldson and Lane Leavitt).

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