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William Allen Olsen is an up-and-coming prop maker who fabricated props and prototypes for 2009's Star Trek. He is experienced in designing and constructing original props as well as building reproductions. Prop making was a hobby for Olsen before it became his career.

While Star Trek is Olsen's first film project as a prop maker, it is not his first experience working on a film. Earlier in 2007 he worked as a production assistant on two highly-anticipated films being distributed by Paramount Pictures in May 2008. The first film was Iron Man, based on the Marvel Comics character and featuring Faran Tahir, on which Olsen was a security supervisor. Afterward, he was brought on board as a confidentiality assistant for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, featuring Alan Dale and Pavel Lychnikoff.

In addition to prop making, Olsen has some experience as an actor. He has appeared in several student films and also performed in stage plays. Some of his additional hobbies include writing screenplays and drawing.

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