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You may also be looking for the articles on Admiral Charlie Whatley or Kevin Whatley.

Whatley was a Starfleet engineer who served under Miles O'Brien aboard Deep Space 9. He was a member of the swing shift. He enjoyed raktajino during staff meetings. (DS9: "The Assignment")

Whatley, described in the script as "a human leather-faced Starfleet vet", was played by Patrick B. Egan, and was credited as Jiyar. Interestingly, no reference was made in the episode to a "Jiyar," nor in the script, which clearly describes the character as "Whatley." This is also confirmed in the dialog, when O'Brien specifically refers to as "Whatley" by name. The closed captioning, however, spells the name slightly different: "Watley." In a line cut from the script, Whatley stated he was married.

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