Wee Bairns bottle

Bottle of Wee Bairns

Whiskey, Explorers

A fifth of Wee Bairns

Wee Bairns was a type of Earth scotch whisky enjoyed by Miles O'Brien. (DS9: "The Assignment", et al.) The label on a Wee Bairns bottle showed an image of a Constitution-class engine room and the legend " there's a drink for a man," a phrase used by Montgomery Scott to describe scotch in 2268. (TOS: "The Trouble with Tribbles")

Jadzia Dax gifted O'Brien a bottle of Wee Bairns for his forty-fifth birthday, in 2373. (DS9: "The Assignment")

Later that year, O'Brien shared a bottle of Wee Bairns with his friends, during a dinner party at Benjamin Sisko's quarters. (DS9: "In the Cards")

In the Scots language, "Bairn" is an affectionate word for "child," so that "Wee bairns" is another way of saying "little children." It was a term Scotty used to describe the engines of the USS Enterprise in TOS: "The Paradise Syndrome". (The Art of Star Trek)
In the Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 1, p. 137), there was a picture of a brand of Scottish whiskey gum called "Wee Bairns".

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