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The waste export industry was a powerful and profitable Malon business responsible for the disposal of industrial byproducts such as antimatter waste. Though many in the industry take pains to find isolated, uninhabited regions to dump the radioactive waste, others are not so scrupulous.

The workers aboard Malon export vessels are exposed to theta radiation that causes severe health consequences. They endure it because they are well-paid, and they believe they are performing a necessary service. Core laborers, who receive the highest radiation doses, are paid more for two months' work than most Malon make in a lifetime. (VOY: "Juggernaut")

In 2375, Captain Kathryn Janeway offered Controller Emck Federation technology that would allow the Malon to reclaim their antimatter waste. Despite the benefits such technology would bring to the Malon, Emck rejected the offer as it would render the waste export industry obsolete. Voyager eventually transmitted the technical specifications to the Malon after dealing with Emck. (VOY: "Night")

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