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The warship Voyager

In starship classification, a warship, war vessel, or combat vessel was a generic term for any armed starship designed for combat. These vessels included battleships, battle cruisers, various sized cruisers, escorts, and destroyers.

History Edit

Captain Jonathan Archer once said that he didn't want to be in command of a warship in response to Captain Jefferies' desire to install powerful weapons on Enterprise NX-01. (ENT: "Home")

Starfleet typically avoids using the warship classification, instead applying euphemisms such as "escort" and "tactical cruiser" for the Defiant-class and Prometheus-class, respectively. Despite this custom, chief petty officer Dorian Collins referred to the USS Valiant as a "state of the art warship." (DS9: "Valiant")

Kasidy Yates once asked chief petty officer Miles O'Brien if her presence on board the USS Defiant bothered him, noting "I'm a civilian. Isn't it awkward having me aboard a warship?" (DS9: "The Sound of Her Voice")

The Klingons and Jem'Hadar almost exclusively employ warships, which is a reflection of their warrior culture. However, the Negh'Var warship, D7-class, Jem'Hadar fighter, and Jem'Hadar battle cruiser were specifically referred to as warships by Starfleet. (VOY: "Drone"; DS9: "The Ship"; TOS: "Friday's Child")

The Douwd who assumed the form of Kevin Uxbridge created a warship in order to drive the USS Enterprise-D away from Delta Rana IV. (TNG: "The Survivors")

The Enterprise-D encountered an unnamed and unidentified combat vessel at the Qualor II depot in 2368. (TNG: "Unification I")

After pirating the main computer processor of the USS Voyager, Tau commented to Captain Janeway that "I could sell it to you, but I could hardly let it go for anything less than a warship." (VOY: "Concerning Flight")

The warship Voyager was part of The Voyager Encounter holographic simulation in the Kyrian Museum of Heritage. (VOY: "Living Witness")

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Ronald D. Moore commented: "This also is a legacy of Gene's. He felt very strongly that the Federation would not build warships per se, but rather a fleet of scientific exploration vessels with weapons designed for defense rather than offense. It was quite a fight just to get the Defiant designated as a pure warship around here, much less trying to go for an entire fleet of ships like it." (AOL chat, 1997)

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