Phoenix warp

The Phoenix breaking the warp barrier

Malcorian warp ship

A schematic of the Malcorian warp ship

The warp barrier was the transition from sublight velocities to faster-than-light warp speeds. It was also used as a reference to the limits of warp drive technology to achieve certain rates of speed.

In 2063, the Phoenix reached warp threshold and broke the warp barrier. (Star Trek: First Contact)

In 2143, the NX-class prototypes broke the warp barrier, known as the warp 2 barrier. (ENT: "First Flight")

The time barrier was a warp barrier broken some time between 2236 and 2254. (TOS: "The Cage")

The USS Enterprise was a starship with a warp drive that had surpassed this barrier. Multiple production sources, including an unseen display screen intended for use in "In A Mirror, Darkly, Part II", the Star Trek Encyclopedia, and The Making of Star Trek, give the Enterprise launch date as 2245.

In 2364, after a series of formula modifications by Kosinski, the USS Enterprise-D experienced a phenomenal surge of power during a warp speed experiment and jumped over millions and later over a billion light years through space in a matter of minutes. During the first jump, instrumentation indicated that the ship actually surpassed warp 10, apparently making the so-called warp 10 barrier meaningless. Kosinski declared that science would need new definitions and new parameters to define warp speed. One suggestion was the Kosinski scale. It was later determined that the enormous surge of speed was caused by The Traveler and that Kosinski's formulas were bogus. (TNG: "Where No One Has Gone Before") The Traveler had the ability to alter warp fields using the energy of his thoughts to move through space and time. (TNG: "Time Squared", "Remember Me")

According to Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual (p. 55), the ship didn't actually surpass warp 10, but did achieve the speed of about Warp 9.9999999996. This would be confirmed in VOY: "Threshold", where Tom Paris becomes the first Human to travel at warp 10, eight years after the events of "Where No One Has Gone Before".

In 2372, the warp 10 maximum warp barrier was also known as the transwarp threshold. (VOY: "Threshold")

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