A warp-power transfer was a procedure devised by Geordi La Forge and his engineering staff aboard the USS Enterprise-D that allowed them to channel and transfer additional energy generated by the warp drive to another system, such as the main deflector grid.

When examining the Amargosa Diaspora in 2369, it soon became clear that the globular cluster was much larger than originally expected, meaning additional sensors were needed to conduct a complete scan of the stellar phenomenon.

La Forge implemented the new technique and channeled the additional energy through the EPS mains on deck 13, which increased the ships's sensor efficiency and imaging resolution by twenty-six percent.

Unfortunately, this also attracted the attention of solanogen-based lifeforms living deep in a layer of subspace, which could be reached by the improved sensors, and they began conducting experiments on the crew of the Enterprise-D. (TNG: "Schisms")