The following is a list of Vulcan starship classes, as well as shuttles and landbased craft.

Class Name Type Century
Apollo-class Explorer ship / Freighter / Transport 24th century
Civilian transport Transport 22nd century
Cruiser Cruiser 22nd century
Cruiser Cruiser 32nd century
D'kyr-type Combat cruiser 22nd century
D'Vahl-type Survey ship 20th century
Defense vessel Unknown 24th century
Desert flyer Transport 23rd century
Fighter Attack fighter 22nd century
Long range shuttle Courier 23rd century
Maymora-class Unknown 22nd century
Science vessel Science vessel 22nd century
Science vessel Science vessel 24th century
Shuttle Shuttlecraft 22nd century
Starship Unknown 23rd century
Starship Unknown 23rd century
Survey ship Survey ship 20th century
Suurok-class Science vessel / Combat cruiser 22nd century
T'Plana-Hath-type Surveyor 21st century
Transport Transport 24th century

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