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Vulcan shuttle

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Vulcan shuttle

A Vulcan shuttle disembarking from Enterprise

Vulcan High Command Building, 2154

A Vulcan shuttle on a building's landing pad


The Vulcan shuttle was a type of shuttlecraft used by the Vulcans in the early 2150s. They were about two decks high, and had a warp-ring drive, similar to most Vulcan starships of the time. At least one was assigned to Template:ShipClass starships.

The Sh'Raan sent a shuttlecraft of this type to pick up Ambassador V'Lar from Enterprise in 2151. (ENT: "Fallen Hero")

This type of shuttle was also used as ground-based transportation, on Vulcan. In 2154, a shuttlecraft of this type transported Ambassador Soval to the Vulcan High Command building, which had an external landing pad. (ENT: "Awakening")

The Vulcan shuttle was designed by John Eaves. [1] An early script for the episode ENT: "Extinction" called for another style of 22nd century Vulcan shuttle, and although Eaves produced several sketches of the class [2], it was written out of the episode by the time of filming.

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