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You may also be looking for the Template:ShipType, another type of "Vulcan cruiser," or the future Vulcan cruiser, that appeared in Daniels' Temporal Observatory.

The Vulcan cruiser was a class of starship used by the Vulcan High Command during the 22nd century.

In 2154, two of these ships along with a combat cruiser attacked Enterprise while in orbit of Vulcan, forcing it to withdraw. The ships then proceeded to conduct an orbital bombardment of the Syrrannite settlement in the Forge. (ENT: "Awakening")

A number of these ships were later part of the fleet that took part in the Battle of Andoria. (ENT: "Kir'Shara")

Ships of the class


The Vulcan cruiser was a modification of the Vahklas from "Fusion". It is unlikely that this vessel is the same class as the Vahklas, as it was stated that that class of vessel had not been used in several decades.

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