The Vulcan civilian transport was a type of Vulcan starship utilized by civilians during the early-22nd century. These vessels were last used in the 2140s.

These transport ships had two primary types of sensor, translinear sensors and lateral sensors. They used thrusters and an impulse drive for propulsion. (ENT: "Fusion")

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In the script of "Fusion" (both the first draft and the final draft), this ship design was simply described as "small."

Because Star Trek: Enterprise regular illustrator John Eaves was meanwhile overworked, the ENT visual effects team offered to take on the challenge of designing this type of vessel. ENT Visual Effects Producer Dan Curry, an established artist in his own right, started work on sketching the craft. Although he knew it would have to be a brand new configuration, Curry also had some ideas about how Vulcan ships might look, especially as the Suurok-class, which featured a ring-shaped engine, had been introduced a couple of episodes earlier. However, there was no specific inspiration for Curry's sketch; he was simply trying to devise a design that fit with what had come before. "I wanted to keep a sense of the Vulcan ring to imply a consistent technology," he explained, "but because the Vahklas was a smaller ship it did not require the fuller ring which was needed for deep space travel, so I decided to break that." (Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, issue 88, pp. 10-11)

Dan Curry did his sketch of the Vulcan transport quickly, and he purposefully kept it simple; it didn't suggest any particular surface texture, and omitted the underside and aft views of the ship. The simplicity of the sketch was so that the CGI modelers would be provided with opportunities to express their own creativity, allowing them to augment the craft's details in collaboration with Curry. Happy for that to happen, he handed his sketch over to the digital modelers at Eden FX, where the CG model of the vessel was built and a lot of the finer points were fleshed out. As well as looking at the Suurok-class, the group looked to the T'Plana-Hath to provide them with a style for the surface details and a color scheme for the new Vulcan craft. (Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, issue 88, pp. 10-11)

Only one room aboard a Vulcan civilian transport was shown in canon Star Trek. The "Fusion" script referred to this area as an "Astrometrics Lab".

Although T'Pol stated that this type of starship was no longer used, at least one ship of this type was part of a fleet in orbit of Earth that welcomed Enterprise home from the Delphic Expanse in 2154, seen in "Storm Front, Part II". Several ships of a "similar" type, slightly altered, were part of a Vulcan fleet seen in "Kir'Shara".