Vreenak's shuttle was a Romulan shuttle that was in operation during the 2370s.

In 2374, this shuttle transported Romulan Senator Vreenak to a high-level diplomatic meeting with the Vorta official Weyoun, on the planet Soukara.

During his return journey, Starfleet Captain Benjamin Sisko convinced him to make a secret detour to Deep Space 9, in order to view supposed evidence of a planned Dominion invasion of Romulan space, in hope that Vreenak would instead convince the Senate to join the war against the Dominion.

Vreenak's shuttle was subsequently destroyed while en route back to Romulus, due to an act of sabotage by Elim Garak, effectively turning the Romulans against the Dominion, as it appeared that the Senator had been assassinated by them. (DS9: "In the Pale Moonlight")

The Starships expansion to the Star Trek Roleplaying Game published by Decipher identified it as the D'era and gave its registry as I.R.C. 13210.