Alternate timeline
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Vosk's compound was a base used by the Na'kuhl temporal agent Vosk and his men in an alternate 1944.

Located near New York City, most of the staff in the compound were Na'khul, but Nazi German soldiers served as guards at corridor. A temporal conduit was constructed in the facility but the compound was destroyed, along with Vosk, during the Battle of New York City. (ENT: "Storm Front", "Storm Front, Part II")

In the final draft script of "Storm Front", Vosk's compound was described thus; "All of the equipment bears the distinctive retro feel of 1940's era Earth technology, but enhanced with far-future components. (NOTE: The layout of Vosk's compound should recall that of Fermilab... where a monitoring station controls the massive super-collider.)"
The interiors of Vosk's compound were mostly represented by swing sets on Paramount Stage 9. After spending most of Wednesday 28 July 2004 filming on these sets, the production crew of "Storm Front, Part II" relocated to an alley behind Stage 9 to shoot the compound's exterior. [1](X) The part of the compound housing the temporal conduit was represented via CGI, as were aerial views of the compound. [2](X)