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The Vori were a race found on a planet in the Delta Quadrant. It is unknown whether the Vori were native to the planet.

They were engaged in a war with the Kradin. The war was reported to involve genocide and atrocities although there is no direct evidence of this. It is unclear which race was the aggressor in the war, as both races accused the other of committing the same kinds of atrocities.

The Vori language used a high number of synonyms and metaphors for everyday words, such as "glimpse" meaning an eye/to see, "nemesis" meaning enemy and "nullify" meaning to kill/to be killed.

The Vori believed in an afterlife called the Wayafter. The body of a deceased person must be placed facing the ground in order for him/her to enter the Wayafter. Desecrating the dead by leaving them facing upwards towards the sky ("upturned" in the Vori language) was one of the purported atrocities committed by the Kradin.

The Vori utilized projectile based weaponry similar to 21st century Human weapons. They had a unique training method. They placed captured aliens (possibly also their own people) inside a training simulation that let the trainee witness Kradin atrocities and indoctrinate them to Vori military tactics and culture. The resulting soldier was fanatical in their desire to kill the Kradin "beasts". This method was used on Commander Chakotay of the USS Voyager when his shuttle crashed on the planet in 2374.

It is unclear what the Vori actually look like, because they only appeared inside the training program which used "a combination of mind control techniques, including photometric projections, heightened emotional stimuli and highly sophisticated psychotropic manipulation". When the program was used on Commander Chakotay, they appeared as Humans. (VOY: "Nemesis")





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