This article is about biological viruses. There are also computer viruses.

A virus is a submicroscopic parasite that can cause disease. They are a core of DNA or RNA surrounded by protein. Viruses are not considered lifeforms.

During a scan of Aldean DNA, Doctor Beverly Crusher was able to confirm that viral contaminants were not responsible for the Aldeans' sterility. (TNG: "When The Bough Breaks")

Sickbay facilities on Galaxy-class starships were capable of designing viruses. Dr. Crusher needed to design one for John Doe to boost his ATP production. (TNG: "Transfigurations")

Dejaren, a Serosian HD25 Isomorphic Projection, claimed to B'Elanna Torres and The Doctor that a virus killed his crewmates, when in fact he murdered them. (VOY: "Revulsion")

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