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Mirror Universe
(coexisting on another dimensional plane)
Vintaak system planet

A gas giant in the Vintaak system

The Vintaak system was a planetary system. In the mirror universe, this system was located deep in Tholian space, and possessed a single gas giant with several moons.

A starship from the future prime universe was being held inside a moon of said gas giant. In 2155 this was discovered by Commander Jonathan Archer. After successfully staging a mutiny against Captain Forrest, Archer commandeered and forced the Terran battle cruiser ISS Enterprise to the Vintaak system in order to retrieve the captured starship, identified as the USS Defiant. Though Forrest eventually regained command of the Enterprise, Archer had locked the helm controls on course for Vintaak. Forrest's attempts to change Enterprise's course ultimately proved futile.

When an away team under Archer's command beamed aboard the Defiant, the Enterprise was attacked and captured in a Tholian web. Some of the Enterprise's crew was able to abandon ship in escape pods, but the ship itself was destroyed with Forrest still on board. (ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly")

It is unknown if this system is located inside Tholian space in the regular universe too, though it most likely at least exists there, as in mirror universe episodes it is always suggested that while political entities may be different, at least stellar cartography corresponds between both universes. The regular universe Vintaak system might be close to the region of space where the Defiant disappeared as it was close to where it reappeared in the mirror universe, though since there was a temporal shift perhaps a spacial shift also occurred.

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