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Vina was the sole survivor of the ill-fated SS Columbia mission launched to the Talos star group by the American Continent Institute. When the ship crashed on Talos IV in 2236, she was brought back to health by the Talosians.

Vina piqued the Talosians' interest in the Human species, and this prompted them to lure the USS Enterprise to the planet in 2254, hoping to find a mate for her. They selected Captain Christopher Pike, and through a series of illusions, attempted to induce him to remain on the planet and begin a family with her.

When the Enterprise crew demonstrated that they would prefer death to life in captivity, the Talosians declared Humans unsuitable for their plans to reclaim the surface of the planet. After the crewmembers beamed up, Vina expressed her desire to remain with the Talosians, who then allowed Captain Pike to see that her youthful beauty was an illusion. She explained she had nearly died in the crash and that the Talosians, who had never seen Humans, had had no guide in repairing her smashed body. Hunchbacked, old and ugly, severely scarred, but in good physiological health, she preferred to retain her illusion of beauty on Talos IV rather than live among Humans and die away. Back aboard the Enterprise, Pike told the crew nothing of what he had just seen, saying only that Vina was remaining with the Talosians and that he agreed with her reasons. (TOS: "The Cage")

Vina appears to have still been alive thirteen years later, when the crippled Pike was brought back to Talos by Spock. (TOS: "The Menagerie, Part I", "The Menagerie, Part II")

Vina was played by actress Susan Oliver.

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