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Vigo was a 24th century Starfleet officer.

He was the weapons officer of the USS Stargazer, a Federation starship under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, during the Battle of Maxia in 2355.

During Picard's 2364 reliving of the incident, he asked Vigo if he could identify their assailants. He later ordered Vigo to get a fire control party to the bridge. Following that, he briefly mistook William T. Riker for Vigo. (TNG: "The Battle")

It is unknown if this person was related to Miranda Vigo whom Picard was seeing nine years earlier.
According to the novel Reunion, Vigo was a member of the Pandrilite race.
Vigo was also mentioned and heard in the 2006 video game Star Trek: Legacy.

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