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... as Isis in Human form

Victoria Cecilia Vetri (born 26 September 1944; age 72) is an Italian-American actress who played the role of Isis in her Human form in TOS: "Assignment: Earth", an uncredited role. She filmed her scene on Friday 5 January 1968 at Paramount Stage 5.

She was also known by the name of Angela Dorian. She appeared in a number of movies and television roles between 1962 and 1975.

Vetri was also a talented singer and dancer and also worked as a model. She was named Playboy magazine's "Miss September 1967" and "Playmate of the Year 1968." [1]

On 16 October 2010 Vetri was arrested by the police and charged with attempted murder, after she allegedly shot her husband in their Hollywood apartment. The husband survived and recovered. She plead not guilty. [2] In September 2011, Vetri was sentenced to nine years in state prison. She plead no contest to attempted voluntary manslaughter. [3]


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