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Viasat 3

Viasat 3

Viasat 3 is a Hungarian cable television channel, operating since 2000. It has aired all four modern Star Trek series, and seven out of the eleven feature films. Basically, Viasat 3 made Star Trek popular in Hungary.

The channel started out in the summer of 2000, and began to air Star Trek: Voyager on 24 October 2000, showing it on weekdays (five episodes a week). They repeated the first two seasons twice, then shown the whole series until the sixth season. On 3 September 2001, they began broadcasting Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and aired the entire series (also on weekdays), which concluded on 6 May 2002.

From 5 September 2002 to 10 October 2002, they aired the seventh season of Voyager, however it caused a huge protest from fans because of the cheaply done and often mistranslated dubbing. From 11 October 2002, they began the airing of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and again, shown the entire series, finishing on 18 June 2003. Instead of using the version broadcasted earlier by TV3, they redubbed the first two seasons, to match with the rest of the show.

Also, on the Fall of 2002, they aired the documentary Trekkies, as well as the first six Star Trek feature films and Star Trek: Insurrection.

From 22 March 2004 to 26 April 2004, Viasat 3 aired the first season of Star Trek: Enterprise. They also often repeated TNG, DS9 and VOY (redubbing the seventh season of the latter). In recent years, Star Trek was moved to sister channel, Viasat 6.