The Vhnori homeworld was the ringless homeworld of the Vhnori species.

The world contained numerous naturally-occurring subspace vacuoles, around which thousands of facilities had been built which the Vhnori believed could transport the dying to the Vhnori afterlife, called the Next Emanation. Unknown to the Vhnori, the vacuoles actually led to an asteroid in the rings of a class D planet in the Delta Quadrant.

Points of interest on the planet included Paffran and the Cararian Mountains.

In 2371, Ensign Harry Kim was accidentally transported to the planet after passing through one such subspace vacuole, something the Vhnori believed to be unprecedented, and which shook their beliefs. (VOY: "Emanations")

The location of the Vhnori homeworld has not been established, though aliens with what appears to be makeup identical to the Vhnori were observed in the Sappora system on New Sydney and Sappora VII. According to Kim, he was from "a different reality, maybe another dimension", implying the Vhnori homeworld was in a parallel universe.