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Ventax II
Ventax II remastered.jpg

Ventax II from orbit

Type: Planet
Native Species: Ventaxians
Location: Ventax system
Ventax II.jpg

A city on Ventax II during the riots of 2367

Ventax II was the inhabited second planet located in the Ventax system. This was the homeworld for the Ventaxians, a peaceful, agrarian humanoid species.

Over a thousand years ago, the planet was divided in numerous highly-industrialized city-states who constantly warred with each other and destroyed great parts of the planetary ecology. Then, the planet's leaders came to reason and began pacifying the planet and cleaning the environment, using the newly-created story of Ardra to justify themselves to their people and draft a constitution. The planet isolated itself from the rest of the galaxy, until it was again confronted with off-world influence when it was first contacted by a Klingon expedition in 2297. Sometime after this, a Federation research station was established on the planet. In 2367, this station was headed by Doctor Howard Clark.

In 2367, the planet fell into chaos when, according to the Ardra story, a fabulous thousand-year period of peace and wealth would come to an end and the planet would be turned over to Ardra. A con artist used this myth and modern technology to present herself as Ardra and to bring the planet under control, but her true identity was successfully revealed by the crew of the USS Enterprise-D.

The central government building of Ventax II was called the Atheneum. In 2367, the head of state was Acost Jared.

There was, according to Data, an obscure precedent in Ventaxian law. The case involved a contract dispute over services rendered by a Klingon craftsman on the construction of a Ventaxian home. As the case was between an alien claimant and a Ventaxian, both sides decided that arbitration rather than courts should decide the case. Both sides chose an arbiter. This was the only known case involving an alien claimant. (TNG: "Devil's Due")

In the episode, many of the details for the precedent-setting case were omitted. According to the script, in the Ventaxian year 931 AA (after Ardra), in the township of Tau Velor, the craftsman Akul K'Ton filed a charge against the home owner Garv Etes. The case was decided in favor of the Ventaxian. [1]
According to the Star Trek: Star Charts, on page 64, Ventax was located in the Beta Quadrant.

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