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The U.S.S. Enterprise's most deadly foe returns!


From the book jacket
The Borg – half organic being and half machine, they are the most feared race in the known galaxy. In their relentless quest for technological perfection, they have destroyed entire star systems, enslaved countless peoples, and, in a single brutal attack, decimated Starfleet's mightiest vessels. Only a final desperate gambit by Captain Picard and the U.S.S. Enterprise crew stopped the Borg from conquering the entire Federation. And now they have returned.

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Years after Wolf 359, when the Federation successfully fought off a Borg invasion, Picard must go face to face with them again.

Background informationEdit

  • This novel indicates that the planet killer from TOS: "The Doomsday Machine" was designed to combat the Borg; destroying dead planets left in the Borg's wake and then using its anti-proton beam to destroy encountered Borg cubes.
  • The Preservers are speculated as potentially being the species that fought the Borg and created the planet killers.
  • The novel takes place some time after "Data's Day"; Data knows how to tap dance and O'Brien is married.
  • Troi references the period in which she lost her empathic powers depicted in "The Loss".
  • Tholians and Commander Loskene make an appearance from "The Tholian Web". Loskene is personally annoyed by another USS Enterprise and also asks if Spock is on the ship. Picard thinks how Tholians are unaware of humanoid lifespan, indicating that Spock is already dead which is proved untrue by "Unification I".
  • In the novel, Shelby is serving as first officer of the USS Chekov, while Dr. Katherine Pulaski is serving as CMO on the USS Repulse.
  • The second planet killer is contrasted with Tin Man.
  • The Borg assimilated what may be their first Ferengi ship in this book. The unlucky DaiMon, Turane, became a Borg named Vastator and served a liaison function similar to Locutus. A vestige of his Ferengi individuality remained; he would hail ships about to be attacked with the line, "Let us deal."
  • The novel contains several anti-Borg weapons which were based on actual events from TNG. The deflector pulse weapon the USS Repulse uses on a Borg cube is a carbon copy of the attack the Enterprise tried in "The Best of Both Worlds". The "warp bubble" weapon is a replication of the effect that trapped Dr Crusher in mini universe in "Remember Me".
  • When discussing the implausibility of Picard's connection to Delcara, Troi mentions her own experience of Wyatt Miller's knowledge of the plague ship that he would 'join' before her wedding ("Haven"), Picard admitting that he privately wondered if the whole scenario was an elaborate deception on Wyatt's part but keeping his thoughts on the matter private as everyone involved seemed to be doing what they wanted.
  • The novel depicts the antimatter spread distraction the Enterprise-D saucer used in "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II" as a weapon that can inflict damage to an enemy vessel, not just as a distracting maneuver.
  • The events of this book are directly referenced in a follow up book in the TNG relaunch series. Before Dishonor refers to the the Doomsday machine's anti-Borg nature and the erroneous concept of genderless Borg. Peter David wrote both novels.


Jean-Luc Picard 
William T. Riker
Geordi La Forge 
Chief Engineer.
Deanna Troi
Katherine Pulaski 
Argyle, who previously appeared in Pocket TNG: Metamorphosis, appears next in comic books of the DC TNG volume 2 series.
Miles O'Brien
Elizabeth Shelby
Morgan Korsmo 
Captain of the Chekov, Academy classmate of Picard.
navigator on the Chekov.
tactical officer on the Chekov.
Professor for Starfleet history at Starfleet Academy.
Leah Sapp 
Starfleet Academy cadet, classmate of Picard.
Reannon Bonaventure
Named after the author's friend, T.A. Chafin.
Tholian commander
Dantar 8
Dantar 9


USS Chekov 
Excelsior-class starship of Captain Morgan Korsmo.
USS Curie 
Rescue ship of Commodore (Dr.) Terman.
Phantom Cruiser 
Ship where Captain Reannon Bonaventure assimilated by Borg
The story of the Phantom Cruiser and Capt. Bonaventure are superficially very similar to the later character Seven of Nine and the USS Raven.
USS Repulse (NCC-2544) 
Captain Ariel Taggart.
Dr Katherine Pulaski is once again the CMO of the Repulse.
The Repulse is incorrectly described as a Nebula class starship.
Commander Loskene

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