Velal was a Romulan sub-commander (later general) of the Star Empire in the 2370s.

In 2375, Senator Kimara Cretak arranged for Velal to take her place at meetings on Deep Space 9, while she attended a Federation-Romulan conference on Romulus. However, she was imprisoned for treason against the Empire and Velal took her place as the Romulan attaché to the station. (DS9: "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges")

Upon being assigned to Deep Space 9, he was promoted to general. He was later present at many meetings with Benjamin Sisko, William Ross and the then-General Martok.

At a meeting with the three after the catastrophic Alliance loss at the Second Battle of Chin'toka, Velal was told that his people's starships were vulnerable to the Breen energy dampening weapon, as were the Federation's. He expressed dismay that the Klingons were the only member of the Alliance that could protect them from the Dominion, telling Martok his people were grossly outnumbered. He was also unsure that Damar and his Rebellion could assist them. (DS9: "When It Rains...")

Several weeks later, he met with Ross, Sisko and the now Chancellor Martok, to discuss the Dominion withdrawal from their territory. Velal thought it would be wiser to contain them within their new perimeter, rather than to mount a major offensive, which he believed would cost them "thousands of ships." However, after Martok and Ross stated they wanted to attack, Velal relented. (DS9: "The Dogs of War")

Background information Edit

Velal was played by Stephen Yoakam. The character was first identified by name in "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges", but was not identified by name in any of his appearances outside of the end credits beginning with "When It Rains...".

It is possible that Velal led the Romulan fleet at the Battle of Cardassia in "What You Leave Behind". Whether or not he survived is unknown, as he may have been aboard the IRW D'ridthau, the Romulan flagship, which was destroyed in the battle. Velal was not seen when the surrender documents were being signed. In the Star Trek Customizable Card Game, Velal's card states he commanded the flagship Rovaran during the Dominion War.

Velal is only the second Romulan general seen in Star Trek. The first was Movar, who appeared in TNG: "Redemption" and "Redemption II".



In the backstory to Star Trek Online General Velal was made second-in-command of the Romulan navy by Tebok in 2398 during a power struggle between the latter and Praetor Taris, intended as a deliberate snub to the Praetor considering Velal was openly critical of her policies. After Tebok's death in 2399 he acceded to the position of fleet commander. In 2401 he approached Sela and the next year requested the Romulan Senate to remove Taris from office. The vote of no confidence was narrowly defeated, and in 2403, with the support of several planets, Velal and Sela mounted a coup d'etat. Taris fled Nova Roma and Sela was installed as Praetor with Velal as commander of the Romulan fleet.

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