Tova Veer was a Voth scientist. He was initiated into the Circle of Archeology with the highest of honors, and became Professor Forra Gegen's assistant in 2367. He wished to pursue Gegen's daughter Frola romantically, something which Gegen supported.

In 2373, he and Forra Gegen discovered the remains of a Human on a planet in the Nekrit Expanse, and then tracked the starship USS Voyager, in an attempt to prove the Distant Origin Theory, which he supported. When they arrived on Voyager, he was discovered despite his use of a cloaking device. After being exposed, he shot Chakotay with a small dart that rendered him unconscious. Gegen left with Chakotay, but Veer was captured by Tuvok. He was discovered in Voyager's sickbay and returned to the Voth city ship.

During the trial of Gegen for heresy because of the theory, Veer, after being threatened by the Voth authorities, stated that Gegen's research was flawed and that the theory was incorrect. (VOY: "Distant Origin")

Tora Veer was played by Christopher Liam Moore.

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