A Vedala female

The Vedala were, as of the mid-23rd century, the oldest surviving spacefaring race known to the Federation.

In 2269, the Vedala specifically notified several races that something extremely hazardous to the galaxy was developing, as the Soul of the Skorr had been stolen and the Vedala were attempting to prevent a jihad.

Although aware of the location of the Soul of the Skorr, they sent for selected specialists to conduct a mission on their behalf. This was necessary, as the Vedala, who despite being a powerful race, were unable to survive in the environment of the "mad planet" where the mission was to take place. Because the Vedala were unable to visit the "mad planet", they were unable to specify the location of the Soul, hence the need for their proposed expeditions.

Vedala asteroid starship rendezvous

Starships converge on the Vedala asteroid

Despite the failure of the first three expeditions, the Vedala called for a fourth, as they were determined to prevent this extremely hazardous development. For their mission briefing, those chosen were called to converge at a Vedala asteroid to learn of the mission.

For the fourth expedition, the Vedala chose the following specialists: Sord, (presumably) for his strength; Em/3/Green, an expert locksmith and thief; Lara, for her flawless directional sense; Spock, for his analytical mind and scientific expertise; and James T. Kirk, for his leadership and adaptability. Together they were to assist Tchar, hereditary prince of the Skorr, in locating the Soul of the Skorr.

Vedala ground vehicle

The fourth expedition team analyzes its ground vehicle

During their briefing, the Vedala utilized holographic technology to present known information on the "mad planet". They also utilized a long-distance transporter device that immediately transported the expedition team from the Vedala asteroid to the "mad planet". Along with the expedition team, the Vedala provided a ground vehicle to assist in their search.

Following the mission, they proved that they possessed the ability to manipulate time. They also noted that they had the ability to cure an individual of mental madness. (TAS: "The Jihad")

According to Star Trek Log 5, they reminded Kirk of Aye-aye lemurs.

Individuals Edit

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