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Varria was a female in the 24th century.

From young adulthood in 2352 to 2366, she was an aide to Kivas Fajo, a Zibalian trader and collector, and served him on his ship, the Jovis. She helped him acquire unique items and entertain his guests. She knew him to be immoral, but lived with it due to the consequences of disloyalty.

In 2366, Varria helped to capture the android Starfleet Lieutenant Commander Data to add him to Fajo's collection of rare items. She helped to stage his death by determining his construction and putting the same material on his shuttle which exploded soon after returning to the USS Enterprise-D. Varria was loyal to Fajo until he threatened to kill her with a Varon-T disruptor if Data did not cooperate with him.

As a result, Varria chose to escape from Fajo, assisting Data in exchange for her own safe passage. In doing so, she tripped an alarm, alerting Fajo. He caught them and murdered her with the disruptor, just before Data was rescued by the USS Enterprise-D. (TNG: "The Most Toys")

Varria was played by Jane Daly.

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